No-bid oil contracts in Iraq? Whhhhhaaaaaa???

Remember those crazy lefties who said that President Bush and Vice President Cheney — oilmen both — only invaded Iraq so that American oil companies could take over Iraq’s oil fields via no-bid contracts? Hey — whaddya know? — they were right. Let’s all practice our surprised faces.

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3 replies on “No-bid oil contracts in Iraq? Whhhhhaaaaaa???”

  1. That’s just over simplifying things, Waldo. The war has also been very good to all the military suppliers and mercenary companies, not to mention it’s really helped to engage the particular brand of fundamentalist who thinks that we need to stir up the hornet’s nest in the Middle East to set off the End Times.

    Goddamnit, I just depressed myself, especially with the recent disappointing performance of the Democratic congress.

  2. Well it’s about damn time! Let’s get Americans in charge of that oil and get those pumps cranked up.

    A friend of mine who worked in the Green Zone for a defense contractor brought me back a baseball cap with the acronym “OIF” — for “Operation Iraqi Freedom” –emblazoned on the front.

    The mission was originally going to be “Operation Iraqi Liberation” — but those hats & t-shirts wouldn’t have been good for P.R.

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