One-word summaries of each day’s congressional record.

The Sunlight Foundation has a new website, “LOUIS” (Library Of Unified Information Sources), that’s indexing all federal documents from the executive and legislative branches and putting a nice search interface on top of it. Cooler still, they’re taking all remarks in the congressional record and turning them into the world’s shortest tag cloud: a one-word summary of the most commonly-spoken word each day. Disclaimer: Earlier this year I received a $2,500 grant from the Sunlight Foundation to add video to Richmond Sunlight. I didn’t personally get a penny of that, but it’s worth calling up anyway. (Via BoingBoing)

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  1. McCain, Bush et al are using high gas prices as an incentive to coerce Congress into lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling. The movement seems very well-organized-there are petitions on the certain internet websites. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any information or any counter-petitions on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation website, although this has a direct impact on Virginia.

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