Help get Dems on the redistricting record.

Democrats in the General Assembly talk a good game about redistricting, but I fear that a lot of them are going to change their tune once we’ve got a majority. So, with your help, I want to compile a list of Democrats’ positions on redistricting. For each one, I want to get them on the record as to whether they support partisan, bipartisan, or nonpartisan redistricting. If they start changing their tune — as they may well after Election Day — we’ll have them on record, so we can hold their feet to the fire.

What I need from you is to know where your legislator stands on this. Democrat, Republican or independent: anybody can play along. You can post a comment here or e-mail me.

This list will live at this permanent URL, though I include its current incarnation below.

House Democrats
Name Supports
Kenny Alexander
Kris Amundson bipartisan
Ward Armstrong
Mamye BaCote
Bill Barlow
Danny Bowling
Bob Brink
David Bulova
Chuck Caputo
Rosalyn Dance
Adam Ebbin
Al Eisenberg
David Englin
Frank Hall
Algie Howell
Bob Hull
Johnny Joannou
Joseph Johnson
Dwight Jones
Lynwood Lewis
Dave Marsden
Jennifer McClellan
Don McEachin
Ken Melvin
Paula Miller
Brian Moran bipartisan
Bud Phillips
Ken Plum
David Poisson
Jim Scott
Steve Shannon
Jim Shuler bipartisan, nonpartisan
Mark Sickles
Lionell Spruill
David Toscano
Roslyn Tyler
Shannon Valentine
Jeion Ward
Onzlee Ware
Vivian Watts
Senate Democrats
Name Supports
Chuck Colgan bipartisan 1
Creigh Deeds bipartisan
John Edwards bipartisan 1
Mark Herring bipartisan 1
Edd Houck bipartisan 1
Janet Howell bipartisan 1
Benny Lambert bipartisan 1
Mamie Locke bipartisan 1
Louise Lucas bipartisan 1
Henry Marsh bipartisan 1
Yvonne Miller bipartisan 1
Phil Puckett bipartisan 1
Toddy Puller bipartisan 1
Roscoe Reynolds bipartisan 1
Dick Saslaw bipartisan 1
Patsy Ticer bipartisan 1
Mary Margaret Whipple bipartisan 1

1. Based on SJ352 floor vote, so this senator may also support nonpartisan redistricting.

9 thoughts on “Help get Dems on the redistricting record.”

  1. Has anyone heard about Danny Marshall making Bill Howell look like a fool in Danville in Martinsville. Howell was talking about all these current and past elected officials who back Marshall for re-election. One problem two said they don’t support Danny and he never asked for their permission. He just assumed. Should the Marshall Committe pay for the dry cleaning bill to get the egg off the Speaker’s Face?

  2. Waldo,

    Great, I love it. But didn’t Moran help kill Creigh’s nonpartisan redistricting plan last year?

    I might be misinformed on that.

  3. Based on their answers to the Virginian Pilot, Paula Miller supports nonpartisan redistricting. Of course, you’ll have to update that roster once we add a few more Democrats in November :)

    Good idea, Waldo. We have to hold their feet to the fire on this one.

  4. Jon – No, Brian definitely did NOT help kill Creigh’s bill (he’s not on the P&E committee, for one thing). He has introduced a slightly different version of the legislation several times. You can see that in Privileges & Elections, it was killed on a voice vote here

    I know that Bob Brink, David Englin, and Mark Sickles, who ARE on that committee, voted with Creigh. But of course it was not a recorded vote.

  5. Sen. Deed’s bill went through the Senate and was placed in the P & E Committee where it was tabled.

    Del. Moran does not serve on the House P&E Committee. Therefore, he couldn’t have had any involvement.

    Delegates Moran, Shuler, Armstrong, Brink, Barlow, Valentine, Amundson, Plum, Caputo, Ebbin, Scott, BaCote, Sickles, Waddell (I), Tascano, Bulova, and Senators Ticer and Howell all introduced or signed on as co-patrons to legislation involving redistricting. They all suffered the same fate: Passed by indefinetely in P&E by voice vote.

    For his credit, Del. Chris Peace did introduce legislation to form a group to study the impact of partisan redistricting. That was also killed.

  6. Waldo — Virginia21 has asked a question about redistricting reform on their candidate questionnaire each cycle. I don’t think its on their website anymore, but I know that Kelly over there has the info if you drop them a line.


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