Democrats’ Redistricting Support

The known positions of Democrats in the General Assembly, as of October 2007, on the topic of redistricting. A blank field indicates that the legislator’s position is unknown, “partisan” indicates that the legislator supports the current system, “bipartisan” indicates support for a panel appointed by party, and “nonpartisan” indicates a system completely divorced from the political process. Legislators who would support either bipartisan or nonpartisan systems have both listed.

House Democrats
Name Supports
Kenny Alexander
Kris Amundson bipartisan
Ward Armstrong nonpartisan
Mamye BaCote bipartisan
Bill Barlow nonpartisan
Danny Bowling
Bob Brink bipartisan
David Bulova bipartisan
Chuck Caputo bipartisan
Rosalyn Dance
Adam Ebbin bipartisan
Al Eisenberg
David Englin bipartisan, nonpartisan
Frank Hall
Algie Howell
Bob Hull
Johnny Joannou
Joseph Johnson
Dwight Jones
Lynwood Lewis
Dave Marsden
Jennifer McClellan
Don McEachin
Ken Melvin
Paula Miller nonpartisan
Brian Moran bipartisan
Bud Phillips
Ken Plum bipartisan
David Poisson
Jim Scott bipartisan
Steve Shannon
Jim Shuler bipartisan, nonpartisan
Mark Sickles bipartisan
Lionell Spruill
David Toscano nonpartisan
Roslyn Tyler
Shannon Valentine bipartisan, nonpartisan
Jeion Ward
Onzlee Ware
Vivian Watts
Senate Democrats
Name Supports
Chuck Colgan bipartisan 1
Creigh Deeds bipartisan
John Edwards bipartisan 1
Mark Herring bipartisan 1
Edd Houck bipartisan 1
Janet Howell bipartisan 1
Benny Lambert bipartisan 1
Mamie Locke bipartisan 1
Louise Lucas bipartisan 1
Henry Marsh bipartisan 1
Yvonne Miller bipartisan 1
Phil Puckett bipartisan 1
Toddy Puller bipartisan 1
Roscoe Reynolds bipartisan 1
Dick Saslaw bipartisan 1
Patsy Ticer bipartisan 1
Mary Margaret Whipple bipartisan 1

1. Based on SJ352 floor vote, so this senator may also support nonpartisan redistricting.