Kilgore is chairing Giuliani’s Virginia campaign.

Here’s a bizarre pairing: Jerry Kilgore is supporting Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is the most liberal Republican presidential candidate of my lifetime. How’d these two get hooked up? Remember, kids: Giuliani needs your support to be elected president of September 11th.

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7 replies on “Kilgore is chairing Giuliani’s Virginia campaign.”

  1. This unlikely pairing undoubtedly arises from conservatives’ lack of book lernin’.

    We gotta get on the ball like dem lihbruls. While I can’t speak for other conservatives, I know I only read Soldier of Fortune, Michael Savage’s blog, and the odd gay porn novel as an outlet for my repressed homosexuality.

    So I don’t know how a Republican from one side of the party could possibly support one from the other. It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

  2. So, are y’all just finding out about this? I know the campaign just announced their whole leadership team. But Jerry’s involvement with Rudy was announced way back in January.

    Rudy was very supportive of Jerry in 2005.

  3. J.S., the fact is that like-minded people tend to support each other, politically. (That statement is so obvious that I feel a little silly saying it.) Kilgore and Giuliani are very, very different in their espoused political views. Giuliani’s support of Kilgore in 2005 made sense: Giuliani needed a signal that he could be acceptable on the topic of abortion, while Kilgore needed a national law-and-order Republican to bolster his own credentials in the area. That seemed like a relationship borne of convenience to both parties. I’m not sure that either Giuliani or Kilgore get much from this relationship.

    Ward, I vaguely recall some news about Kilgore supporting Giuliani earlier this year, but presumably there’s a reason why the AP is carrying this story as news. What’s changed, I believe, is that Kilgore’s involvement has been defined in a specific role.

  4. It sounds more like Rudolfo has decided to shoot for the states repub base, and not worry much about ‘converting’ any Democrats. When trying to court outside the party, Jerry Kilgore is not the man you send.

    Have to throw a shout out to Smails, as his jokes are getting better. See, I told you JS…base your jokes on a germ of truth and they will be much funnier.

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