Let’s hope we don’t have a loop-de-loop.

U.S. home prices since 1890, adjusted for inflation, plotted as a roller coaster. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. As a grade A data visualization geek, I’m really jealous that I didn’t think of this first. If roller coaster design tells me anything, this seems like a bad time to invest in real estate.

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9 replies on “Let’s hope we don’t have a loop-de-loop.”

  1. I did love this visualization as well. Of course, it is manipulative, and the use of the metaphor implies prediction beyond what a metaphor really should. After all, if you move the plot back to 2000 or 2002, it still would have made one a bit nervous hitting that top curve, and it still went up quite a bit after.

    But, man, when it falls, we should all raise our arms and screeeeeaaaaaammmm! Wooo!

  2. I don’t know that I would say it is a bad time to invest in real estate. It just depends on what one plans to do with it after the purchase.

  3. ‘Course, in 1890 you’d of had to gone to the outhouse to hurl :). There is no one rollercoaster. There are thousands, many don’t look anything like this one. Some of them are still quite a fine ride.

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