Lady Bird found a home.

Lady Bird Smiles

We adopted Lady Bird this week. We started fostering her back in November. In all of that time only two potential adopters have even asked about her. There’s just not a lot of demand for elderly, perennially terrified beagles with peanut-sized bladders. (The other night we caught her eying her own shadow warily.) With the alternative being to send her back to the SPCA, we’ve decided to serve as the old girl’s retirement home. She’s sweet, smart, and goofy, though, so I’m not complaining.

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17 replies on “Lady Bird found a home.”

  1. Awww… she always looks so happy in the pictures that you have posted of her. Congratulations all around.

  2. You can’t be too careful around beagle shadows, ya know. It’s a good thing you’ll have Lady Bird watching out for such potential threats on a permanent basis.

  3. We’re saving a place for you among the ranks of compassionate conservatives. God bless both of you for your kindness to His creatures. They give back a great deal of love.

    Scout, Chloe, Lucy and Tito

  4. Oh yay! She’s such a sweet thing, and I’ve loved her pictures and story. I wish I could have dogs. But having a city apartment, living solo as a full-time worker + professional volunteer leaves no space, literally or figuratively, for a dog. Guess it’s all cats for me until the situation changes.

  5. well done

    our new beast is almost phobia-free, but she has been trying for three weeks to run off that bad dog she sees in the glass doors of the fireplace

  6. Yay and woof woof! I am sure that you will all be very happy.

    I had an elderly dog who was able to control her bladder with drugs, and hopefully that is the case with Lady Bird as well.

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