What type of college student are/were you?

A brief summary of 99% of the people you will ever meet in college. I was a mix between Silent Foreign Curve Destroyer and more of Intellectual Superhero than I’d care to admit.

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9 replies on “What type of college student are/were you?”

  1. VERY funny…but they left out some other annoyances (of which I was probably considered both):

    The theatre major, always running around with a bunch of hyper friends, singing and tap dancing through the dining hall, always too loud, and way too emtional.

    The modern hippy, who isn’t really a hippy at all.

  2. They forgot The CaveHead,

    Possibly now extinct, the CaveHead was a species of Liberal Arts major at UVa frequently found in the Cave of Old Cabell Hall, back when it had a cafeteria. Overfond of black clothing, berets, and French ciggies, these folks bored the ears off of everyone within a 3-table radius debating the merits of existentialism (interesting but potentially irrelevant), John Cage (silence as a musical medium), post-impressionist art (Expressionism vs. Cubism), and comparative religions (most ascribe to some form of Buddhism). Self-described experts on everything cultural. Frequently found at the Prism Coffeehouse outside of class.

    I should know, I was one. :-D

  3. Oh my – I was the Silent Foreign Curve Destroyer. Except I did my best to avoid the library – hard chairs and after about 2 hours the moldy books had given me a headache. And I did change clothes – every single day ;) Unlike many curve destroyers, I was utterly silent about it. As the class looked angrily about to determine which ass had once again racked up a high score, I tried my very hardest to vanish into the ether.

  4. I was the guy who never shut up. Definitely not an Intellectual Superhero, nor a Stupid Ugly Fat Girl, i was just the Guy Who Had Something To Say About Everything.

  5. You’re welcome, Cory! I’m glad to know that the spirit of the Cavehead still exists even though all our favorite hangouts (The Cave and The Mineshaft in particular, and the Prism more recently) are long gone. I was afraid that the “general Liberal Arts geek” was made extinct by the 90s emphasis on “gotta getta great paycheck” majors. ;)

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