C’ville traffic.

Bob Brink writes about congestion in Charlottesville. It gets worse all the time. Five years ago a mention of “rush hour” around here was a punchline. Now it’s a reality, and there’s no clear way to address the problem. Don’t miss Bob’s blogmates’s explanation of bill filing deadlines and strategies.

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5 replies on “C’ville traffic.”

  1. Waldo, you have another bad link – we can’t go discover General Assembly bill filing strategies.

    Haha – I’m a political freak and I still think wanting to know this stuff sounds lame.

  2. Ah, but does MY heart lift a bit when I realize that even Waldo, who has bailed me out from my linking disasters more times than I can even remember, occasionally has a little glitch his own self. Thanks.

  3. I am convinced that the volume of traffic is why I invariably get lost in Charlottesville.

    I started adding an hour to my travel time in case I do get lost.

    And Adam, the freaks are really everywhere. You may not see them or know that they are freaks, but we are out there. Oh yeah, I do count myself in their number. I am still looking at schools data that was in a post over a week ago.

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