3 thoughts on “A parable on shopping locally.”

  1. I love GRS- I’ve seen you post on there a few times- it’s one of my daily blogstops. Usually after I’ve stopped by here first of course!

  2. I believe it makes economists cringe because the free flow of capital regardless of political boundary is considered positive. They are probably correct, but in a recent essay I wrote I took some of these ideas to task — namely the value of having local proprietors vested in the local economy.

    An economist may rightly say that it makes no difference if the money flows freely, but I haven’t found a way to express on a balance sheet if someone cares about community. From what I can see, local business owners care while McBusinesses are vested only so far as they can maintain operations.

  3. G.R.S. definitely gets points with me for this caveat at the end of their post on shopping locally.

    (As with many ethical issues regarding money, this debate is irrelevant for those with low incomes. They don’t have an option.)

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