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  1. Funny how the GOP right looks away when an unmarried GOP hero gets his groove on with Viagra. H obviously went to the Dominican Republican on a sex trip.

    But Rush will never be a fornicator in their eyes.

  2. Come on Waldo…I carry prescriptions around with other peoples names on them all the time. Heck, I probably have one for you in here. Lets see, Jaquith, Waldo. Hmmm. Here we go, found em. Good news Waldo, yours aren’t blue!

    I imagine if you were to look deeper you would find some more in ol Jabba’s kit bag….I mean think about it….would you, no could you, sleep with Rush without chemical assistance?

    That would make the black pill some sort of magic blindfold drug…

  3. Eh, Waldo. Better re-read that. The article says detained.

    Then the article was changed.

    And if Drudge is correct, he has no illegal drugs on him and this post will be all for naught.

    I don’t think it was ever said that they were illegal drugs — but, rather, that they’re legal drugs that he obtained without a prescription.

  4. Sure there’s a story. I’m looking at CNN’s homepage right now — they classify “Viagra stash may nix Limbaugh plea deal” as a “Top Story,” right at the top of the site. We have a guy with a history of illegal possession of drugs, who has been arrested for such possession before, who is one of the nation’s more well-known advocates of zero tolerance for criminals. The irony is far too delicious to be ignored; there is more certainly a story. In fact, according to Google News there are 446 stories.

  5. My first reaction to Limbaugh-drugs stories is always “Leave the poor addict alone.” Then I remember that he is unrepentant, bombastic about sex, drugs, and crime, and keeps himself squarely in the public eye — I assume this means that he doesn’t want to be “left alone.”

  6. Seems like a waste of time to me. When Rush is actually arrested for illegal drug use, then the media should pay some attention to it. But right now, this sounds more like a case of “dog bites man” than “man bites dog”.

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