5 replies on “Who’s out of touch with the mainstream now?”

  1. Waldo, why is everything poll based? I understand that people will agree and disagree with certain topics (take this as a broad question that includes, but not exclusively, this debate), but just because the majority thinks something should be a way does not necessarily mean that it would be best to it. If 60% of Americans (or a poll suggested such a figure) decided that rape was all right (an extreme case to be sure, but I want the point made), would it be good for our government to legalize it?

    I want the government to do what is right, not what is popular. A poll will not make anything more in the right.

  2. CR UVa, my understanding is that this post isn’t about what’s right, but is instead focused on the nature of public opinion and politicians’ grasp thereof.

    In any case, I agree with the majority in this poll.

  3. I post naked poll numbers because I prefer to see what conclusions people would like to draw from them over the course of discussion, rather than drawing my own conclusions in the initial post.

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