Goode silent on Cunningham.

The Martinsville Bulletin — a pretty important paper in the scope of the Fifth District — asked Rep. Virgil Goode what he thought about Duke Cunningham’s confession to accepting bribes from MZM and subsequent resignation. Goode’s response resulted in the sort of headline that he probably didn’t want to see in the Bulletin: “Goode makes no comment.” The rest of the article described the relationship between Goode, MZM, and Cunningham.

To Rep. Goode’s credit, he’s never been involved in any sort of a scandal, at least of which I’m aware. Other than Roanoke Times editorials, he’s accustomed to an easygoing reception from the Fifth District press, and he’s simply never had to deal with these matters. But he’s a smart guy. He’s got to know that one of the cardinal rules of public relations is that you never, never say “no comment.”

You say “I’m surprised by this turn of events and saddened by the news.” You say “my interest is the Fifth District and creating jobs in Southside, not something going on in California.” You say “I’m glad that Rep. Cunningham has stepped down, and I’m glad to know that the system works”.

But not “no comment.” It just looks bad.

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  1. If you cross your fingers, wiggle your nose, and yell “CHIP! CHIP! CHIP!” up into the air, maybe you can make your innuendos true. Otherwise,…you might be reaching.

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