But who will defend apple pie?

I love the jab (presumably unintentional) at Falwell’s crusade in this AP article:

The Rev. Jerry Falwell is marshaling his forces to keep “Merry Christmas,” “Silent Night” and other religious references from being banished this holiday season.

(Emphasis mine.)

My favorite part of this wholly-manufactured crisis (note that there’s no forces opposing saying “merry Christmas,” only defenders against…who?) are the especially-clueless types who see “Xmas” as a similar affront.

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2 replies on “But who will defend apple pie?”

  1. Don’t we get some variation of this sort of thing every year? Happy Holiday vs. Merry Christmas? At least I remember hearing similar manufactured controversy this time last year, and the year before that. I saw the Chicago Tribune version of this story. In my opinion it’s just more bullshit on a slow news day about how “Christians” are a persecuted minority. I’d like to send these sort of people to places like Saudi Arabia so they’d get a real taste of what it’s like to be a religous minority.

    And oh yeah, “Bah humbug.” :)

  2. I’m too poor to buy Christmas gifts this year. I think that means that I officially hate Christmas.

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