Don’t write off Phil Puckett.

Reading over the discussion about the Democratic candidates for lt. governor, I feel the need to point something out.

I might not want to vote for Phil Puckett, but I think that Brian Patton and others are onto something with their support of him. I’m increasingly convinced that he would be very good for Kaine’s ticket, and certainly neutralize Jerry Kilgore’s inevitable accusations that the ticket is skewed towards northern Virginia.

And, to be fair, while I disagree with Puckett about a great deal (and think he’s a terrible speaker), the guy’s running for lt. governor, not governor. Granted, the position is basically a staging ground for a campaign for governor, but it’s damned near powerless with the current makeup of the state senate.

I’m not saying that I’m voting for him. But I do appreciate the value of a Puckett victory.

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4 replies on “Don’t write off Phil Puckett.”

  1. Thanks Waldo. Once Puckett wins in November (and he will if he gets the nomination) he can practice his speaking skills while cutting ribbons. :)

  2. I’m proud to say that I voted for Phil Puckett and Rich Collins (57th District Delegate) today! Since I’ll be working approximately 15 hours on primary day…

    I voted for two guys who are pretty disparate in their beliefs, but I voted Phil basically because of the reasons mentioned above. Even though I’m more in line with Rich’s political views.

  3. Of all the Democratic Candidates for Lt. Gov, Phil Puckett would be the strongest by far. Whether you agre with him or not, he’s the most honest of the bunch. He would bring a level of sensibility and would certaintly be an aid to Tim Kaine and Creigh Deeds. There are arguments for why each candidate would be a good running mate for Kaine and Deeds (with the exception of Byrne, who would turn far more voters away than she would ever bring.) If you ask me Phil Puckett, who might not turn out a ton of voters to vote for him, will bring the ticket to a much more cohesive standing than any other candidate.

  4. Thanks, Waldo, for ‘keeping your options open.’ Thanks also for acknowledging the value he could bring to the ticket, even with views that aren’t in line with your own.

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