Charlottesville blog aggregator.

Thanks to an Ask MetaFilter post yesterday, I’ve finally gotten a blog aggregator set up for Charlottesville bloggers. I used the excellent and simple Python-based Planet aggregator, which is substantially based on Mark Pilgrim’s Feed Parser, and took perhaps ten minutes to set up. I added a handful of blogs, slapped on a style sheet that is not obviously hideous, and I’ve called it a day.

I’m happy to add any other Charlottesville-area blogs. I figure I’ll tinker with it for the next few weeks and then announce it on While I consider a happy success after four years, my one regret is that it’s my site. I want to disaggregate. I don’t want to be in charge. I hate the idea that I’m some sort of a gatekeeper of information. I want a chorus of voices. Maybe this will help.

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7 replies on “Charlottesville blog aggregator.”

  1. D’oh. Fixed now. Thanks, Cari.

    A couple of blogs are making Planet (the aggregator) get all fussy — and Duane Gran’s site. I don’t know why. I’ll debug it after the primaries.

  2. Thanks for the link. This is a good idea. Even though the scopes of each blog varies, this could give all these blogs a little recognition locally.

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