Fitch and the Dillon Rule.

I’m liking this George Fitch guy who’s thinking of running against Kilgore:

“It’s a bedrock Republican principle that it is best to let local governments decide, because they know what is going to work best in their communities. It’s perverse that in a Republican-controlled state like Virginia that things would be as centralized as they are with the Dillon Rule,” Fitch said.

“Every time we want to do something here in Warrenton, it seems, we have to go to Richmond to ask for permission. Even the most mundane and petty things have to be taken down there. One estimate that I’ve heard is that 25 pecent of the legislature’s time in Richmond is spent dealing with these kinds of issues. That’s totally inefficient as well as being ineffective,” Fitch said.

“The Dillon Rule is a ball and chain on local governments,” Fitch said. “The relationship between state and local government is something that needs to be addressed, and hopefully corrected.”

(Augusta Free Press)

Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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