George Fitch seeking Republican nod for governor.

It seems that Attorney General Jerry Kilgore has a challenger for the June Republican primary — the mayor of Warrenton, George Fitch. I’ve never heard of him, but Club for Growth favors him, which may explain Kilgore’s recent shift to the radical right.

I wonder if this new round of criticism of Kilgore’s viability as a candidate will embolden Fitch, Sen. Russell Potts, or even former governor Jim Gilmore to step up to the plate? I hope not. I want Kilgore as the nominee. I know we can defeat him.

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2 replies on “George Fitch seeking Republican nod for governor.”

  1. Walso, remember as I said the other day that Kilgore might lose his front-runner status, due to concerns that he polls weakly and compares badly to Tim Kaine. (on Dkos)

    I also sent a mail to VAProgressive today too. Got some questions for you and him.

    Mark, Central VA (Farmville area)

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