Strange bedfellows.

Here in Virginia, Del. Jackie Stump wants the Virginia big-eared bat to be named the official bat of Virginia, reports the Hampton Roads Daily Press. It’s one of those stupid bills that harms nobody, so whatever. Del. Dave Albo, however, is opposed to it — there’s just too many Official State Whatevers for his taste.

Del. David Albo didn’t want to add to the list of symbols, although he had nothing against education.

“I just don’t like bats,” he said.

Fair enough — enough is enough, after all. However, Del. Albo would do well to think back to the 1998 session, which pitted tortoise lovers against snake lovers. Del. George Grayson favored the box turtle as the state reptile. And Albo?

Albo’s a snake man.

“I don’t see the turtle on the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag,” he said.

If Grayson’s animal had a flag, Albo said, “it would show a picture of a turtle on his back on the highway with a car going by.”

“If the turtle gets on the floor,” Albo said, “I’m going to move an amendment to make it [the state reptile] the rattlesnake.”


“These things are kind of silly,” said Albo, “but now that we have a zillion of ’em let’s go ahead and get a state reptile.”

(“Trouble-Prone Tortoise Gets Ready to Rumble with Rattler,” 02/09/98, Rex Springston, Richmond Times-Dispatch.)

So, Albo — about that bat?

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