Accepted to Sorensen.

I just got the call — I’ve been accepted as a fellow at UVa’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership’s Political Leaders Program. Huzzah!

This, in a roundabout way, is the fifth time that I’ve applied to UVa. I finally got in.

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9 replies on “Accepted to Sorensen.”

  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!!! Yay!!! Congratuations!!! I am so happy for you!!! Aside from more exclamation marks, all I can add is it is about time!!!

  2. Awesome news. Will you be blogging from there for us? (Of course you will…so in a way, we all got in! On your coattails!) Congratulations. :-)

  3. Good work Waldo. I’m a sorensen graduate myself (college leaders program) and it’s an enjoyable and rewarding program.

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