Blacksburg Living

I’ve been checking out apartments and houses in and around Blacksburg. If I have to live in a place like Pointe West Properties or Foxridge Apartment Homes, sweet lord, kill me now. These are places with volleyball courts, that claim to be in a “majestic countryside setting,” places where happy students congregate at the complex’s swimming pool, their freshly-washed SUVs lined up nearby with Kid Rock blaring from the open tailgate, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon without a trace of irony.

So I’m looking out in the country now. Maybe I can rent (or buy) a house a few miles out of town. If Charlottesville were Blacksburg, and Albemarle were…um..whatever county that Blacksburg is in, I’d be looking for a place on 20 South, or maybe on 29 down south of 64, towards Crozet. It’s not like I could afford much of a house, but they’d be cheaper out there, and I’d be more sane. The way I figure it, either I’m stuck with a bunch of meatheads at Happy Valley Apartment Homes™, or I live in a dump in the country.

It’s only 18 months. It’s only 18 months. It’s only 18 months.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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