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Woo hoo — I’m blogging wirelessly! This week, I got an 802.11g card (“AirPort Extreme”) for my PowerMac, and an 802.11b card for my iBook. I plugged the cards into each system, turned on “Internet Connnection sharing” on my PowerMac, and it worked automagically. I was going to get some work done this evening, but I think that, instead, I’ll take my laptop all around my apartment building and see how far away that it works.

Works in the hallway.

Works in the bathroom.

Works in the living room.

Works in the kitchen.

Works outside as I walk down the apartment building hallway. (It’s hard to type like this.)

Almost to the elevator.

OK, not quite to the elevator. That’s halfway across the building.

Works in the stairwell.

Works up a flight.

Works up two flights — perfect signal.

Works with an excellent signal all the way up here on the sixth floor. Say, I’ve never been up here. There’s a stairway to the roof. Hmm…

OK, I can’t get out there, but let’s just say it’ll work there, too.

Back in my bedroom. This is so cool. This will sound silly to anybody that hasn’t tried it, but a laptop computer really never felt so freeing as with wireless Internet access. It’s like this whole world of the Internet now exists wherever I take this computer.

That is, provided that I only want to travel 250 feet from my bedroom.

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