LazyWeb request: WeatherBlogging. There are lots of weather stations that record temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity, barometric pressure, etc., that output raw data that’s easily captured via a USB or serial port. I’d like to see bloggers list their latitude and longitude in their blog’s metadata (as some already do), and provide an RSS feed of current and historical conditions. Aggregators could take data from across the country and turn it into useful trend information. If enough people took part in this, it would provide a mesh of weather information available to the public at large, like NOAA’s METAR data, only offering far better resolution.

An acceptable alternative would be for somebody to write a METAR interface so that bloggers could have the option of tying current weather information with individual blog entries. The purpose of this simplified version is lost on me, other than it would be cool.

Published by Waldo Jaquith

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