Links for September 12th

Wikipedia: Avondale Mine DisasterOne hundred and ten workers died in this Pennsylvania mine fire in 1869. The mine owner wouldn't allow but one tunnel to be constructed, so when the fire started, anybody below that point in the mine was trapped and suffocated. The result was that the Pennsylvania General Assembly created the nation's first […]

Wikipedia’s role in Sen. Deeds’ nomination.

During Marc Fisher’s live discussion last night, two comments submitted by members of the public stand out: I voted for Deeds. The WaPo endorsement really helped. I started doing the research this weekend and was disappointed that the WaPo did not have a quick guide the issues. I searched for a half an hour and […]

The coming Wikipedia election.

As 2005 and 2006 were the years that blogs were at their peak influence in elections, I expect that Wikipedia will be at its peak influence in Virginia’s 2009 election. Virginia’s constant elections put us in an unusual position of innovation. We’re always in the midst of an election cycle, so we’re in a position […]

Dave Albo vs. Wikipedia.

Dave Albo keeps editing his Wikipedia entry in total violation of Wikipedia’s standards, leading to ongoing edit wars between him (who keeps inserting advocacy language using text reproduced verbatim from his website) and neutral editors (who are trying to take out the self-promotion). The result is the worst Wikipedia entry for any member of the […]