You should follow this open government Twitter feed.

The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’re likely to really enjoy the Virginia Coalition for Open Government’s Twitter feed. It’s fast becoming my sole source of open government news, and I recommend it highly for anybody interested in having governance take place in the light of day. (Disclosure: I’m on VCOG’s board.)

VPAP is hiring.

The Virginia Public Access Project is hiring. They’re looking for a researcher/writer with some decent computer skills. The details follow. About the Job: The primary responsibility will be to implement VPAP’s initiative to track money raised by candidates for local office. This person will be VPAP’s resident expert in local elections, manage logistics for obtaining […]

An overview of Virginia’s freedom of information laws.

Virginia Coalition for Open Government executive director Megan Rhyne has a standard presentation that she gives to groups about Virginia’s Freedom of Information laws. Cleverly, Megan has taken that presentation and put it up on YouTube, so that anybody can see VCOG’s slideshow overview of state FOIA laws. If your organization is interested in learning […]

Wanted: Open government heroes.

The Virginia Coalition for Open Government gives out awards every year to spotlight individual, media, and government excellence in furthering the cause of open government. I’m on the VCOG board, and so I’m looking for folks to nominate. If you know of a person, business, or organization who deserves credit for their good work towards […]

Overhauling the government/internet interface.

I’m excited by what I’m reading over at Carl Malamud’s Public.Resource.Org this morning. He makes a series of suggestions for improving our government/internet interface, including providing live and archived audio feeds from all capitol hearing rooms, creating a .gov computing cloud to provide dozens of major technical services to any government organization, putting all archived […]