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Links for September 1st

  • Wall Street Journal: Waffle House Index Measures Hurricane Recovery
    Their approach to disaster recovery is impressive. People have to eat, Waffle House wants to make money—everybody wins.
  • Wikipedia: Bunyip
    There's a widespread Australian Aboriginal belief in the "bunyip," a terrifying, water-dwelling mythological creature. It's theorized that these stories arose from occasional discoveries of fossilized bones from any of the many enormous prehistoric marsupials that could be found wandering around Australia until about 40,000 years ago.
  • New York Times: Where Pay for Chief Executives Tops the Company Tax Burden
    A study of the Fortune 100 has found that at least 25 of them paid their CEO more last year than they paid in federal taxes. eBay, Boeing, GE, and Verizon all made the list. This makes it rather difficult to takes seriously claims of excessive taxation of major U.S. businesses.