The politics of beer or the beer of politics.

National Media has provided a bubble chart of beers, graphed by partisanship and likelihood of turning out to vote. Republicans drink Coors Light, Miller Light, and Sam Adams. Democrats drink Heineken and Corona. People who show up to the polls drink Amstel Light, Sam Adams Light, and Molson. People who don’t bother to vote drink Budweiser Select, Natural Light, and Busch Light. Fosters, Miller High Life, Busch, and Bud Light are equally popular among Democrats and Republicans. 

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3 replies on “The politics of beer or the beer of politics.”

  1. All lies!! dos equis, or Beck’s, or a heiny in a pinch. (wait, that was my secretary!)And I still vote.

  2. The cans that I see by the roadside are usually Coors Light, Miller Light or Miller High Life. What does that tell you? As for me, gimme a good IPA anytime, and I’m glad that doesn’t figure into this synopsis.

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