UVA hijinx.

My blogging for the past three weeks has all been over on cvillenews.com, entirely on the topic of the University of Virginia’s unsuccessful ouster of President Teresa Sullivan. That imbroglio has largely wrapped up, but you might be interested in reading through my coverage. (If you read just one thing there, make it my translation of a statement by the Board of Visitors, which was one of the most-read things I’ve ever written. There were some great discussions there, and I was happy to see the site serve as a hub for coordinating the defeat of Rector Helen Dragas’ ill-conceived plot.

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  1. Waldo,

    You should be commended for your coverage and I will encourage you to submit your work to be archived by the University’s Special Collections folks who created a site to collect “Materials relating to the resignation of President Teresa Sullivan”.

    The URL is http://sullivan.lib.virginia.edu

    Hopefully Rectal…oh sorry…Rector Dragas will never be forgotten.

  2. Yes, we owe it all to you. Thanks for orchestrating Sullivan’s reinstatement.

  3. Yes, we owe it all to you. Thanks for orchestrating Sullivan’s reinstatement.

    Who, me? *polishes knuckles* Yup, just a little presidential reinstatement. You know, it’s just one of my hobbies. I just called up Bobby—McDonnell, that is—and I said to him, I said “Bobby, I’m calling in a favor—you’ve gotta make this right.” And he knew he owed me one, and he said “OK, OK, Waldo, I’ll do it.” But, really, it’s nothing.

  4. Well, I work at the university, and I can say that it’s widely and openly acknowledged by everyone that Waldo is 100% responsible for Sullivan’s reinstatement. We’re currently working on a statue of Waldo that we plan to erect on the Lawn right in front of the Rotunda. There’s currently a statue of some other guy there, but we’ll be hauling that one off to the junkyard soon.


  5. @Claire: Your transmission is garbled. Text is being dropped. All I can read is:

    Well, I … can say that … Waldo is 100% … erect … right in front … of some other guy … but we’ll be hauling that … junk… soon. :-)

    If this is incorrect, please try and transmit again. Over.

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