The NRA just keeps going too far.

I have no doubt that I would have been a member of the NRA as it existed a few decades ago. Every time I think about joining, they do something absolutely insane. It seems they tried to do just such a thing in Tennessee, and it’s backfiring on them. The NRA tried to get a bill passed that would prohibit business owners from banning firearms from their property. As you can imagine, that was received poorly, and Republican leaders refused to support it. An infuriated NRA is trying to toss one of those leaders from office now. 

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  1. They’ve also announced they’re “scoring” the DISCLOSE Act vote. As in, opposing disclosure of contributors.

  2. I liked this quotation from a TN Republican, about the NRA: “”They’re a fundraising organization, and their business plan is not to make politicians look good, it’s to have someone to criticize so they can generate more money,” he said.”

  3. A bit of a bummer, although not suprising. I’m glad the TN Republican leadership stood up for private property rights. I’m a pretty big 2A guy, but this is just too much. If someone wants to have no firearms on their property, that’s their right. How do we get back to the “the right to swing my fist extends until it reaches someone’s nose” instead of the chant of “less gov’t” with the reality of “dictation of our believ system as law”?

  4. More than anything else, this just strikes me as amazingly tone deaf. I find it hard to comprehend that an organization as effective as the NRA could not realize that they were demanding that legislators pick between private property rights and gun rights. They should never put their chief supporters—conservative legislators—in that position. And yet having done that, they didn’t realize that they screwed up, and instead are trying to exact retribution? That’s just nuts.

  5. The bill in question impacted public and private property owners, meaning that it would’ve also prevented public and private schools, public and private universities, libraries, city halls and private homeowners from banning guns on their property. Those property owners were lost in the debate. I know firsthand that the way the NRA treated Republican leadership during the session was appalling.

  6. Wayne LaPierre is the worst thing that ever happened to the NRA. This is the type of crap that led me to let my membership lapse 4 years ago. The actual substance of their educational and safety programs, museum, research and the utility of their facilities is first rate. If LaPierre would just stop acting like such an asshole — usually over things that have nothing to do with Second Amendment Rights — then I would get back on board.

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