Muller concludes that humans are behind climate change.

Physicist Richard A. Muller was in the news last year after his Koch-funded study of global climate change concluded that it’s real, surely to the Koch brothers’ dismay. Now he’s penned an on-ed for the New York Times in which he says that his ongoing research has led him to the same conclusion as 99.9% of other experts in the field—that “essentially all of this increase results from the human emission of greenhouse gases.” Muller’s research shows that the UN and the IPCC actually understate the problem. He researched the climate change causes claimed by non-scientist skeptics (urban heating biases, cherry-picking data, faking data, solar activity, and global population), and found that none of them explained climate change. What did explain it perfectly was atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

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  1. Since he was one of the first to claim that the model that created the hockey stick was wrong and asserted that any data cranked into that program would generate a hockey stick, I wonder if his opinion of the model producing a hockey stick no matter what, still holds, or has he backed off of that also?

    anyone know?

  2. Bonus Question: If Muller worked at UVA would the Cooch now investigate him for potential fraud?


  3. Drop everything! A non-scientist, repeatedly-discredited blogger, funded by the Heartland Institute, has discovered that the climate isn’t warming at all! Examining data that hundreds of actual scientists have examined repeatedly, he’s discovered information that is visible to him and him alone, and he’s announced it in a non-peer-reviewed article, laden with typographical errors, on his own blog! This is very exciting. And he’s determining statistical significance based on “which one we like best.” Abandon climate science and statistics, everyone! This blogger will be in charge of it now!

  4. I think you’re being unfair, Waldo. You should take a look to examine the credentials and qualifications which he’s listed in the “About” section of his blog:


    End of quote.

  5. Richard Muller one year ago = Koch family shill, everything he says is bullshit.

    Richard Muller today = brilliant scientist.

    Agreement with one’s own worldview makes all the difference. Hey, how ’bout that.

  6. I have a question… what makes someone a “scientist”?

    Is it a degree? A post-graduate degree? Is it simply performing experiments according to the scientific method? Is it having peer-reviewed papers in respectable science journals?

  7. A scientist is curious. A good scientist understands that beliefs are burdens, and keeps the load light. Everything else is a hike to the truth. You know, discipline, hard work, focus. Writing skills are a plus. Recognition is gravy – not necessary.

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