Tracy Thorne-Begland appointed to the bench.

How did he manage to be appointed by the circuit court, instead of via the legislature? Why, there was a vacancy left unfilled by the General Assembly. It seems that they failed to fill a judgeship. One of the candidates was turned down. His name is Tracy Thorne-Begland. You might have heard of him. Oh, and that’s JUDGE Thorne-Begland to you. 

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2 replies on “Tracy Thorne-Begland appointed to the bench.”

  1. You’ve got an extra “to” there, Waldo. But excusing that typo, there’s no possible reason to deny this appointment that doesn’t reek of unreasonable fear of GLBT persons in positions of leadership. Tracy’s a good man, a qualified candidate, and will make a good judge in the 13th Judicial District.

  2. The “Family Council” and the “Family Research Council” need to be stripped of their tax exempt 501c3 status. If homo haters want to give them money, it shouldn’t be a tax exemption.

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