Scientific American: NC Makes Sea Level Rise Illegal

Could the North Carolina legislature microwave a burrito so hot that they themselves could not eat it? 

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4 replies on “Scientific American: NC Makes Sea Level Rise Illegal”

  1. See, this is what happens when you live a nice upstanding life heeling to reality, expecting that to be the rule. Then you come to find out that the legislature has been flooded by a bunch of gloriously ignorant fools willing to legislate sea level rise. If we don’t start electing smart people, these fuckers are either going to kill us, or disassemble civilization.

  2. I could have done without the sensationalist/simplifying headline. They acknowledge the existence of sea-level rise; the kicker is that they will officially deny any non-linear mathematical model of it.

  3. A group that promotes, and profits by coastal development (NC 20) have enrolled the state legislature in a scam to allow further unsustainable coastal development in a flood zone at a future cost that will be socialized to the Federal taxpayer (flood insurance), and our emergency response assets.

    Planning for sea level rise by looking back at the last 100 years is denial of climate change science and sea level rise. In the end, FEMA will make the call, because they delineate the coastal flood zones, and what gets insured.

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