A big clue has been found in the mystery of the Lost Colony.

You’ll remember the story of the Lost Colony—Sir Walter Raleigh’s settlement in the late 1500s that just disappeared, leaving only the word “Croatoan” carved into the fort’s wall. (They’d arranged the signal of a Maltese cross to be carved into a tree to mean they’d been forcibly removed, and no such carving was found.) But they were not found on Croatoan Island, and nobody knows what ever happened to those 118 people. It occurred to a UNC professor that the pair of small patches pasted over portions of a map of the North Carolina coast—produced by members of the expedition—might be concealing useful information. Lo and behold, one of them was atop a marker indicating a fort, in a spot that is now a golf course. Next up: archaeology. 

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2 replies on “A big clue has been found in the mystery of the Lost Colony.”

  1. Secret information hid beneath “pasties”, and not a strip club in sight. Alas, A lass!!

  2. Read David Beers Quinn. Evidence has been found in native villages along the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake that the survivors of the Lost Colony moved in with friendlies there.

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