Unsurprising research finds that some homophobia is rooted in homosexuality.

A team spanning three universities has published a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finding that people who claim to be straight, but have a strong attraction to people of the same sex, tend to be hostile towards gays because gays remind them of their own repressed tendencies. Those subjects’ parents tended towards authoritarian, and held similarly strong anti-gay views. The purpose of the study was to investigate the cause of the routine discovery that people with strongly anti-gay views are closested and gay themselves. 

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4 replies on “Unsurprising research finds that some homophobia is rooted in homosexuality.”

  1. I presume you meant to type “closeted,” though “closed” would not be entirely incorrect.

  2. You think? *sarcastic smirk* In Freudian psychology they call this projection, I believe. It fits our sexual attitudes as a nation, in which we espouse puritanical values, but have incredibly high rates of sexual assault (reported and unreported) compared to less judgmental areas of the world. Never underestimate the titillatingly seductive power of internal self-loathing.

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