Links for November 15th

  • FDIC Bank Closings
    I was curious where banks closed by the FDIC tend to be located, so I put together this visualization. (You have to click on Visualize -> Map.) Turns out they're mostly in Florida and Georgia which are—surely not coincidentally—hot spots for home foreclosures. Almost all of these closings were after mid-2008.
  • Pew Charitable Trust: Checking Account Risks at a Glance
    Pew's study of the 250 types of checking accounts offered by the ten largest US banks (which hold 60%) of checking accounts found that, on average, a customer has to watch out for 49 different fees and penalties that they could incur.
  • Wikipedia: Candy desk
    For over forty years, the Senate has maintained a single desk in the chamber with a drawer full of candy. It is the job of the senator assigned that desk to distribute the candy within to fellow senators. Past candy desk assignees have included John McCain and Rick Santorum.

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  1. Looks like a lot of bank closings in Illinois. I’ve been looking at the foreclosure biz lately. One case locally involved another big bank (former subsidiary of AIG) buying up a house from another big bank (Wells Fargo) at auction… what is probably over the going rate. Wouldn’t you think that the banking industry would stay away from speculating in the housing market….at least for a while?

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