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  1. Oh my gosh, the transcript was painful for me to see.

    I’m jealous of some of the courses he got to take, though. I’d love to take a class about sheep and angora goats.

  2. But didn’t Obama not release his Transcripts? I mean, mock away, that’s rough (and I know mine isn’t as great as it could have been) but, c’mon, at least it’s out there.

  3. Damn, it amazes me that people will continue to comment on this issue without knowing the facts.

    Jason, none of the most recent presidents (and candidates) have released their transcripts. None. They’ve all been leaked, including Bush and Obama. Same with Perry; he didn’t release them willingly.

    There’s a lot of info out there about the “release” of college transcripts, but no recent viable candidate has willingly released them. But, of course, with Obama, it was a “thing”. ::eyeroll::

  4. The whole brouhaha over the vacations is ridiculous. The president is always the president. His job is unlike any other. When I’m on vacation, I am no longer in my office doing my regular job. The same is not true for the president. He remains at his job 24/7, regardless of his location. People complaining about Obama’s vacation time are being idiots.

    And people who complained about GWB’s vacation time were idiots, too. Almost as bad are the comparison stats that you quoted here. The 102 days is a laughable number. A great deal of Bush’s so-called “vacation” time was at his house in Texas. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t consider it a vacation when I stay home.

  5. I. Pub: Agreed. The vacation thing is stupid, no matter which party brings it up. As you say, the president is always connected to his job, wherever he is.

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