Links for June 27th

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2 replies on “Links for June 27th”

  1. Regarding the yeast thing — as the article notes, yeast were probably multicellular sometime in their evolutionary history, so they almost certainly already had much of the necessary machinery handy in their genome.

  2. Regarding the debt issue: How would Obama square the “not one dime more in taxes” if you make under 250K, if he were to allow the cuts to expire and let the ATM “hit millions of additional households”?

    I suppose he could do so (thinking about “doing the right thing”), and then try and wiggle out of his “read my lips” moment, but I can’t see how he could do so politically. (That’s leaving aside the fact that taxes may have already gone up for under 250Kers: cigarette tax.)

    The whole thing is a mess. I have a feeling we’re in for quite a rude awakening when the bill collectors come.

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