Links for May 11th

  • Slate: More than half of Republican voters still doubt President Obama was born in the U.S.
    34% of Republicans are convinced that the president was not born in the United States. I think this gives us a good baseline of the percentage of the Republican Party that is racist and/or mentally ill. Another 18% just aren't sure, a bloc that I think we can just chalk up as dumb and/or ignorant. The leading presidential candidate among this choice group? Sarah Palin.
  • New York Times: Like Magic, Great Sports Nicknames Are Disappearing
    The heyday of nicknames was the early twentieth century. Looking at my grandmother's high school yearbook last week, I was surprised to see that the majority of her classmates went by a nickname—boys and girls alike. Now they're pretty uncommon. Why? Probably because of the increasing diversity of given names. The Times points out that, in 1956, the ten most popular names for boys went to a third of all boys. The top ten names given in 2010 were bestowed to 8.4% of all newborn boys. Nicknames are necessary when a group of friends has three Davids, three Daniels, and four Michaels. Now that our name pool is less homogenous, we just don't need them.
  • Daily Progress: New poll shows Obama approval hits 60 percent
    Most Americans agree that President Obama should be reelected. Two thirds agree that he's a strong leader who keeps us safe. Most approve of his handling of the economy, most approve of how he's handling unemployment, and almost half agree that the country is headed in the right direction.

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14 replies on “Links for May 11th”

  1. As has been pointed out elsewhere, that AP-GfK poll has a ridiculous sample.

    What I find interesting is that even with the skewed sample, George W. Bush gets a favorable rating of 50% and only 25% of respondents say that it’s “Never” okay to torture suspected terrorists.

  2. It’s pretty sad when a political party conducts a poll that makes the other party look bad, and the poll is reported as legitimate news. Even sadder when presumably intelligent people accept it as true.

  3. Was it the poll or the responses that make Republicans look bad?

    It isn’t legitimate news that we have a significant segment of one of the major political parties that believe that our President is not a citizen? Why did the Donald shoot up Republican polls? His business savvy?

    So instead of addressing the crux of the argument, you attack the poll. Typical.

  4. Seriously, Kevin? When Exxon or some other major corporation sponsors a study on the environmental impact of something they do, or pay or the research on some aspect of climate change, everyone on the left dismisses the data entirely because of the source of the funding.

    I guess this is different, though. The fact that an arm of the DNC did the poll and publicized its results is completely irrelevant to whether the data derived is at all accurate. Gotcha.

  5. It’s pretty sad when a political party conducts a poll that makes the other party look bad, and the poll is reported as legitimate news. Even sadder when presumably intelligent people accept it as true.

    I have no idea which poll you’re talking about.

  6. Interesting, Kevin knew I was referring to the one in your first link, conducted by PPP, a subsidiary of the DNC.

  7. I don’t know the first thing about PPP, other than that I first noticed a poll by them in June 2008, and I’ve written about dozens of polls by them since. I don’t recall ever noticing anything particularly partisan in their poll results. I just checked what Nate Silver has to say, and he thinks they’re quite good. From everything I can find, they are privately owned, and I can’t find any evidence that their stock is held by the DNC.

    Given that Silver has found that their results are accurate, that would seem to be that. If you’ve got a poll of Republicans on the topic that shows different results, surely that would be a useful counterpoint.

  8. Daily Kos darling Nate Silver likes them, huh? There’s a shocker. ;-)

    You’ve got me wondering now, as to the prevalence of this source-worship towards Nate Silver and Snopes. Is there someone I’m leaving out? How many other infallible, left-leaning authorities are there, and how many other people kneel at their altars?

  9. I love how Snopes and Nate Silver are wrong because of their perceived political alignments and not, because they’re actually counter-factual.

  10. I haven’t seen anything particularly left-leaning about Snopes. As far as I can tell, they’re all about the facts.

  11. The question should be: how do their results stack up? PPP has results from the last few years that are very close to the mark.(meaning reality)

    Interesting how the right-wing diatribe on this page is about perceived favorites, because that is the purview of any partisan, including Republicans. If Daily Caller had a poll they were trumpeting, I would consider the source, then line the catbox with it.

    All the right-wing boogey men are here; Nate Silver, DailyKos, etc. It is as if the same can’t be said about the right wing’s sources as well. World Nut Daily makes a handsome living lying to people gullible enough to believe it. Ahhh, capitalism.

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