Links for April 15th

  • Jacques Mattheij: Living in the zone
    This is an instructive account of what it's like to be a programmer, for those who don't understand why we're working at 2 AM, or why a quick interruption can be so frustrating. I do my best skiing at the very edge of my abilities—it's trance-like, and a distraction would probably send me crashing down. The same goes for programming.
  • New York Times: Is Sugar Toxic?
    Answer: Quite possibly. This is an important article. It seems probable that what's dangerous about corn syrup isn't anything intrinsically corn-syrupy, but that it is so cheap that it's enabled Americans to consume stunning quantities of added sugar. Ninety pounds per year, in fact. A standard single-serving bottle of cola has over eleven teaspoons of sugar.
  • Engadget: Comcast Extreme 105 serves up 105Mbps internet speeds for home users with deep pockets
    A 105Mbps connection from Comcast? That's great! Too bad it's still limited to their 250GB cap, a monthly limit that you'd hit on their new service in…uh…five hours and twenty minutes. No thank you.

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3 replies on “Links for April 15th”

  1. I’m feeling pretty good on the sugar front. I have about a teaspoon in my coffee on most (not all) days. In a typical week I don’t think that I eat any other refined sugar. I eat a lot of wild venison, a lot of potatoes lately, whatever wild plants I can find and whatever wild game and fish are in season. I think I’m probably in unusually good health for an American. To summarize, don’t eat much refined sugar; kill shit and eat it. Repeat as necessary.

  2. While Comcast’s 105Mbps service is pretty impressive, every home and business in Hamilton County, TN (Chattanooga, TN) has access to 1Gbps fiber-to-the-structure capability. Details at if you’re interested.

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