Links for March 24th

  • Data Science Toolkit
    A self-contained virtual machine with a toolkit of brilliant data analysis utilities. Geolocation for IPs, street address to coordinates, coordinates to political divisions—that stuff you'd expect. But it can also pull country, city, and region names out of unstructured text. It can render HTML and return the text that would be displayed in the browser. It can pull people's names out of unstructured text and even take a guess at their sex. I'm drooling a little. I can put half of these tools to use immediately.
  • Encosia: In JavaScript, curly brace placement matters
    I had no idea.
  • Daring Fireball: A Rule of Thumb—Pricing Should Be Simple
    John Gruber explains the bizarreness of the New York Times’ electronic pricing scheme. I am somebody who is happy, in theory, to pay to read the New York Times online. But their price structure makes no sense to me. I don't understand why it's more expensive to get an electronic subscription than to get both an electronic subscription and a print subscription. I don't understand why they charge more to view the paper on my iPad than on my iPhone—what do they care how big my screen is? There's no way I'd pay $420/year to read the New York Times. The whole thing just makes no sense.

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  1. Data Science Toolkit needs work. I put in a Charlottesville street address and this is what the demo reported:
    “1561 dairy road charlottesville virginia” – 1601 Darrow St, Virginia Beach, VA, United States at 36.779781,-76.110105

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