Links for March 1st

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  1. Many of the same Republican officials who scoffed at cost estimates for their war in Iraq, while handing out tax cuts and medicaid sweetheart deals to big pharma are still in the business of handing over the American economy to a privileged elite. Budget shortfall and economic crisis are their tools. Nothing new there. What has changed this time around is that Moody’s and Goldman Sachs have decided not to accomplice the crime by endorsing their phony numbers.

  2. OK, let’s think this through. The GOP gets some portion of their agenda through Congress and blackmails the President into not vetoing it (probably through media-management sleight of hand). Growth slows, more jobs are lost, and Obama is stuck running for reelection in an even worse economy than he inherited. His Republican rival claims “too little, too late” and is elected… They’re not crazy. They’re just not interested in the “general welfare.”

  3. Mark Zandi is a well known Obama groupie and big government Keynsian. The fact that Zandi is against a GOP budget is about as newsworthy as saying that Pelosi is against it.

  4. Clark- Obama is already mired in an economy worse than he inherited; he doesn’t need Republican help. The best thing about it is I’m paying less tax than I did last year. The bad is that I’m poorer. I don’t believe that politics as usual will dig us out of the hole we are in.

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