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  • The Ag Department has released the newest version of their dietary guidelines, and they've simplified. They're skipping asking people to eat or not eat specific nutrients, and just want Americans to—for the love of God—stop eating so much. Drink water, not soda. Half your dinner plate should be covered in produce. Eat less pizza and desserts. It's not hard.
  • Pacific Gas and Electric’s efforts to install wireless smart meters is being blocked by a strange alliance of crazies: lefties who think they're allergic to radio waves (seriously), and right-wingers who think that how much power their house is using is none of PG&E's business (they are deeply mistaken). PG&E, really having no choice in the matter, is forced to entertain the complains of these screwballs, and may end up having to install wired smart meters to appease the Münchausen sufferers.

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  1. As Michael Pollan so wisely put it: “Eat food. Not a lot. Mostly plants.” Pretty simple, but if you’re confused:

    Food does not come in a box and does not contain ingredients you can’t pronounce and/or identify; eat half of what you think you want to eat and eat it slowly…if you’re still hungry in 20 minutes then you should eat 1/2 of what you think you want again; and, meat is not evil, but if you want to be healthy load up on veggies…you can eat a ton of veggies, not gain weight and get all of the nutrients you need.

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