Beagle Puppies for Adoption

We’ve been fostering four little beagle mutts for the past couple of weeks (and puppy-sat their two litter mates last weekend, which was three days of chaos). It’s time for them to go back to the Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA to be altered, and then they go up for adoption. Naturally, I want to promote them here in hopes that they’ll all find homes!

All four of them know their names, they all know how to sit on command, and they all know that they have to sit in order to get attention. They’ve all been socialized pretty well, and none show any bad signs like food guarding or defensiveness.

This is Bruno, a serious little man. He’s lazy, if such a thing is possible for a puppy, very easy-going, and generally calm. He plays with his brothers and sisters, but often while they’re tearing around the house, he’s kicked back in his crate, watching from under sleepy eyelids.

Bruno being serious

And this is Hugo, the second boy. He’s the biggest of the bunch. Though he tries to act manly, like Bruno, he’s really a lover. Hugo is definitely a people-dog. Between the two boys, if somebody is crying for attention, it’s bound to be Hugo.

Happy Bathtime

Here’s one of our two girls, Dizzy. She’s so named because of her playfulness outstripping her own balance—she routinely gets so excited as she frolics around that she simply collapses in a heap of legs, always popping right back up and dashing off again, only to get tangled up again. She’s pretty independent for a little puppy.


And, finally, there’s Kate. She’s our favorite. When the others are asleep in a puppy pile in their crate, Kate is up at the gate that blocks off their room, waiting hopefully for one of us to come and play with her. She’s clever, very affectionate (you’ve got to like puppy breath to adopt this one), and more than a little mischievous.


My wife taught Kate to bay a couple of weeks ago—something every good beagle puppy should know how to do. Here’s Kate, baying along adorably:

Kate will probably have to live with us for a couple more weeks—she’s got a cold, and needs medication for a while, which will delay her spaying. But we’re happy to make an appointment if anybody thinking about adopting Kate wants to come by and meet her. The others go back to the SPCA this morning.

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  1. I showed my wife that pic of Hugo on your Flickr feed the other day – a New York fashion photog couldn’t do a better job of showcasing a beagle pup. Wish we didn’t travel so much, that dude would love our rabbit patch. I like the cut of his jib! Hope he gets a home.

  2. Okay, I’ve heard that beagles tend to be runaway artists — if they can get loose, they’re off for hours. I’ve heard this from friends who had beagles, and in my neighborhood I’m often seeing neighbors driving around calling for their escaped beagle. Anybody know how much truth there is to this claim about beagle behavior? How do beagles do with invisible fences?

  3. Okay, I’ve heard that beagles tend to be runaway artists — if they can get loose, they’re off for hours.

    It’s true. It’s not so much that they’re good at escaping (in my experience, they’re no better at it than any other dogs), but that they follow their nose. If they smell something tempting, sometimes there’s no stopping them from running after it. That’s what they’ve been bred for. But when it’s a beagle mutt, that may well not be the case. For instance, Cricket, our wienerbeagle, never let her nose cloud her judgment. This is why I’m a mutt fan—you mix two breeds, and often you’ll get the best traits of both and leave the purebred weirdnesses behind. I feel good about these little ones in that regard. That six-week-old puppies knew to sit down in order to get pet, picked up, or given treats, tells me that they are able to put good behavior ahead of instinct.

  4. Oh, and Manning? If you want me to e-mail you all of the photos and video that we have of Bruno over the past two weeks, I’d be happy to send them along. Not real exciting now, I know, but in a few years y’all might get a kick out of seeing him as a wee little man. :)

  5. Wow, my wife and I just found out TODAY that our sweet little dog of 13.5 years has bone cancer :-(

    Alas, we live in NY…

    I agree about mutts, definitely preferably to pure-breds for a host of reasons, IMHO.

    As long as I’m here and it’s on topic, I’m going to pimp a charity I started about 5 years ago called :-)

  6. Waldo,
    My wife and I went by the spca today (Sunday 1/16) and didn’t see any of your pups. Do you still have them. If yes, we’d love to check them out — they look adorable. Norman

  7. I just got home from visiting—the very last available puppy was adopted at noon today! It took just 24 hours for all three to be snapped up. :) The only one left is not at the SPCA, but living with us until she finishes a course of medication, and that’s Kate. If you two are interested, I’d be happy to arrange for y’all to come to our house and meet her. E-mail me and let me know!

  8. The name is still up for question.. we are thinking maybe quincy but its still just an idea. We would all love to see some of the eaarly videos.
    Thanks Manning

  9. Actually, if that wouldn’t be inconvenient, we’d love to. In a perfect world we’d begin adoption around Feb 1, since we have to be out of town the last weekend of this month. My wife works in the afternoon tomorrow but we could come by any time in the morning. Any chance that would work for you? Our home number is 293-3804.

  10. So An update.. His name is officially Mason. He has turned from a lazy dog to a very energetic puppy. He is very happy and doing quite well. Also he is becoming a big boy.

  11. Great news, Manning! I’ve gotten caught up by the General Assembly session and neglected to finish gathering photos and videos to e-mail y’all, but I haven’t forgotten. :) My wife and I always enjoy hearing how our one-time fosters are doing, so you’re always welcome to e-mail us updates!

    His sister just got adopted by the aforementioned Norman and his wife yesterday. So we’re back to a quiet, puppy-less home.

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