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  1. …I’ve started doing the same thing, though I typically replace the “so” with ellipses. :)

  2. I first ran into people who habitually started sentences with “So” in the mid-1980s. Often they would do this to start a conversation, which seemed odd to me. Whether or not it’s a Silicon Valley thing nowadays it wasn’t anything I’d run into in California until then (granted, I was in Southern California). Based on the people I first knew who did this I assumed it started in a northeastern US Jewish context and spread from there.

  3. That slays me! So (haha), every time one of my authors does it, I delete it. They then put it back in when I send back the proofs. I’ve also noticed, over the past two years, a serious increase in starting sentences with “and,” as well as the use of the em dash as a semi-colon replacement.

    Also, yes, I track this stuff. Not, like, in a spreadsheet or anything . . . (Note to MB, if he’s reading this–I am aware I have a serious problem. I have most of the Bluebook memorized too.)

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