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  1. One of my favorite books on my bookshelf is a little paperback published in the Soviet Union in the mid-60s called, “A History of the United States.” It is an absolutely comical read.

    I look forward to perusing the ChiComm version of U.S. human rights. After all… a good laugh is (nearly always) a good thing.

  2. One of the things I’ve absolutely never been able to sit comfortable with is the fact that every single culture and language has its own unique name for every other culture and language; we call it “Germany,” but they call themselves “Deutschland,” and in France it’s “Allemagne” … you’d think we would have standardized all of this about a thousand years ago, no?

  3. James, I’m with you—that’s always struck me as bizarre and unsettling. I didn’t learn about that until French class in seventh grade. Les États-Unis? WTF? We’re clearly named “The United States.”

    Pat, I had no idea that was your website! I guess I must have known that when I found it—probably patrolling the internet for mentions of VQR at work—but it slipped my memory before I read your interview with the big man himself. We’re happy to have that award, too—thanks for mentioning it!

  4. For the record, it’s not the TV that’s impressive, it’s the new content that has 720 or 1080 lines of resolution (instead of 480 or fewer). I don’t think anyone is saying the LCDs’ resolution is anything new. And the resolution difference is quite dramatic, especially on things like football.

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