Somebody explain σ2 to the RPV.

From the so-stupid-it’s-funny files:

So come August, when it’s really hot, does that mean that the RPV is wrong?

Remember, kids: the plural of “anecdote” is not “fact.”

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3 replies on “Somebody explain σ2 to the RPV.”

  1. Aside from not knowing the difference between weather and climate, these guys also apparently didn’t realize that their ridicule of believers in global warming applies just as much to another believer in it: Bob McDonnell.

  2. Apparently Stupid thought better of the idea and removed the video.

    Here’s the deal my rightwing friends: It IS Global Warming, however realizing that you find climate science as hard to understand as as macro economics, Responsible People have decided to call it Manmade Climate Change. Have a good day my little Mavericks!

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