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  • This is an awfully funny parody of documentaries on race, the space program, Jim Crow laws, racial stereotypes, and academia. Somehow I missed this back in 2005, when it came out.
  • The video sent by Predator drones is sent unencrypted. This super-secret data is being broadcast over the air, where anybody with an antenna and a bit of software can watch it. Including insurgents. Who are doing so. What no-talent assclown followed the instructions for My First Software Project, skipped the "Encrypt Your Data" chapter, and called it a Predator drone?
  • Mother Jones' headline isn't supported by the facts, but it is notable that Rep. Eric Cantor is arguing that the solution to the nation's (improving) economic woes is tax cuts for the rich. You know, the ol’ trickle down theory, aka Reaganomics: If the rich get richer, then the rest of us will somehow get richer, too. Kind of like how, in a time of famine, we feed the fattest people the most, so the rest of us can eat the crumbs that fall from their lips.
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  • Menhaden are what keep the ocean clean. But they're being terribly overfished, and like most ocean fish, are rapidly being depleted. One company, Omega Proteins, catches 90% of them. They overfish so egregiously that all but two Atlantic states have barred them from fishing their waters. One of those two is Virginia. Op-ed author and fisherman Paul Greenberg calls on the Virginia legislature to step up and prohibit menhaden fishing in the Chesapeake, the world's largest menhaden nursery.

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  1. The Predator story is one of the rare instances where I feel the incompetence in question is so egregious and dangerous that it’s criminal. Leaving out data encryption had to have been a conscious decision somewhere along the line. I find it unbelievable that the Predator somehow made its way all the way from idea to finished, live product without anyone ever thinking to obfuscate the sensitive data.

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