links for 2009-12-02

  • Imagine you have a string that is wrapping around the circumference of the world. Add an extra meter, and then expand that loop so that it's (somehow) now elevated above the surface of the earth, courtesy of that extra meter. How far off the ground is the string? A micrometer? A millimeter? If your brain works like mine, the answer will startle you.
    (tags: math geometry)
  • Snopes has a possibly-apocryphal story (there's really no telling, but it's plausible) about a cattleman who decided to rope a deer, corn feed it in a stall for a few weeks, and then slaughter it. It didn't really work out.
    (tags: humor deer)
  • I filtered Boing Boing's RSS feed through Yahoo Pipes to remove any entry that mentions "steampunk." You're welcome.
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  • The good news: Republican Laurence Verga has "traveled throughout this 29 county district." The bad news: The Fifth District apparently gained seven counties when I wasn't looking. I'd love to hear Verga name them.

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  1. Although I still can’t picture it in my head, that string loop theory definitely explains why my fishing reel becomes a mess so quickly at the worst possibly times.

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