A prayer for Bradley Rees.

In the name of Bradley Rees, we pray.

Dear God, we thank you for your bounty of stupid. In what promises to be a lousy month for Virginia Democrats, you have been fit to deliver to us Bradley Rees. In your wisdom, you have arranged for Rep. Tom Perriello to win reelection, by creating this man-child and giving him a sufficiently low level of common sense in combination with enough Republicans to telling him that he’s doing the right thing. Too far right even to be a Virginia Republican, this now-third-party candidate will be running against the Republican nominee for congress. We see now that it is your will that Perriello be reelected, because what other explanation could there be for something this dumb, other than divine intervention? Deliver to us Tom Perriello in November of 2010. Though you’re clearly working on that anyhow.


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11 replies on “A prayer for Bradley Rees.”

  1. I dunno, man…

    I don’t know how similar New York’s 23 congressional district is to our fifth, but moderate GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava has just bowed out of the special election (for THIS November), leaving religious right/tea party candidate Doug Hoffman nearly tied with Democrat Bill Owens.

    Scary scary scary scary. Could it happen here? The GOP chooses a reasonable Republican; a three-way race develops; the theocrat wing of the GOP forces Mr. Reasonable out at the last minute; Bradley Rees wins.


  2. “Rees said he did not know how much work or red tape he would have to navigate to change his platform to that of the Virginia Conservative Party, and he did not rule out the possibility of endorsing a conservative Republican candidate.

    Sorry to break up your little party, but I guess y’all missed this part of the article.

  3. I.Publius —

    Noted. I also noted that the American Conservative Party is not a pro-life party, and therefore by definition not a conservative one… no better way to announce how “conservative” you are than by tossing out half of the conservative platform!

  4. This will be nothing like NY-23, because Hoffman at least has a brain and a chance to win. Rees OTOH…

  5. Wow. Nothing like engaging in substantive pursuits like name-calling and belittling of one’s intelligence to overrule that outdated notion of debating issues. Nice job, Waldo.
    By the way, you forgot to throw in “teabagger.”

  6. Dude, I love you. Can I send you a check? (Or did you not know about needing to file with the FEC or, y’know, raising money? Because, uh…yeah.) Because I am all about getting you the nomination!

    Oh: Teabagger. Tx.

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