A fifth Republican packs into the anti-Perriello clown car.

It’s a Wednesday, and you know what that means: yet another Republican who wants to run against Rep. Tom Perriello, Albemarle resident Michael McPadden. (Note that’s four out of five who are from north of the James.) He appears to basically be a clone of most of his fellow challengers. He’s a blogger. Here’s a fun twist: his blog is named “Virginia’s Liberty Tree.” If that sounds familiar, you’re thinking of the famous Thomas Jefferson quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” (It’s a popular quote among teabaggers.) Yes, it seems that McPadden is calling for armed insurrection in Virginia, overthrowing the government by force, perhaps to protect us from the “death panels” he’s so troubled about. Luckily, somebody has rounded up some of McPadden’s most confused blog entries.

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7 replies on “A fifth Republican packs into the anti-Perriello clown car.”

  1. I get a kick out of seeing how Mr. McPadden decides to pick on Creigh Deeds and Tom Perriello on the issues important to small farmers. If he had attended (or paid attention to what was said, if he was there) the annual Farm Food Voices event hosted by Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers association (VICFA), he would have heard farmers thanking Creigh Deeds for carrying bills for years on behalf of local farmers John Coles and Christine Solem, who didn’t even live in his district. He would have heard the praise given to Tom Perriello for, first, quietly listening to and learning about what issues were of importance to Virginia’s small farmers and, then, after getting elected, supporting their interests in Congress.

    Can’t this Republican party find anybody other than ill-informed zealots to carry their banner?

  2. Shouldn’t it be “gets out of the anti-Perriello clown car”? Or maybe “packs into the anti-Perriello phone booth”?

  3. I noticed you refer a lot to “teabaggers” a search on that term and how its being used indicates that you may have a scrotal fascination and maybe even expertise in that “technique” can you explain this for us?

  4. OT (but not sure where else to ask):

    Waldo, any idea what happened to commonsenseforva.blogspot.com ?

    The Google blurb says, “This blog is in the process of being deleted. Please take a look at the 70 post archives if you’d like, but keep in mind they probably won’t be here this …”

    Does this mean no Bloggers debate (or did I already miss that)?

  5. I’m afraid I don’t know, Meri. We had that last debate scheduled for Saturday night at 7:30. Tom White and I were ready to go, but there was no sign of Venu. After fifteen minutes we decided to call it a draw. I was glad to suddenly have an hour and a half to work on Richmond Sunlight. :)

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